Graciela Rostom


Dancer, teacher and choreographer of Classical-Contemporary training, she was trained in the Escuela Municipal de Danza and Artes Escénicas de Rosario, Argentina.
He completed his studies on Adagio and Pass de Deux with Serge Pourney (FR) and Cunningham technique with Rodney Vass, (NL).
He has been part of the stable formation of well-known dance companies performing in the main European capitals.
Together with the dancer Pablo Poli, he formed a solo duo that choreographed R. Vass and S. Pourney, will lead them to perform with great success with audiences and critics in Europe, the Middle East, Japan and Israel.
Later, he decided to deepen the study of Tango, begun earlier with well-known names in the Buenos Aires tango scene.
His choice falls on the Maestro Alejandro Aquino, soloist of the Osvaldo Pugliese Orchestra. He became his pupil and disciple, wanting to learn by his transmission the teachings of the great masters A. Todaro, M. Balmaceda and P. Avellaneda of whom Alejandro Aquino, is the masterful and exquisite concentrate of the “Tris”.
Since 1987, whose artistic association with dancer Pablo Poli, has stopped, collaborates with other dancers, companies of Dance and Theater and is dedicated to teaching at several schools of dance in the Florentine area.
Since 1998, if he dedicates exclusively to Tango, he plays an intense activity as a dancer, teacher and choreographer in Italy and abroad.
In 2000, he founded and is the Artistic Director and Teacher of the Buenos Aires Tango Association in Florence, a task he continues to perform at present. The Association deals with spreading the culture of Tango, in the field of dance and music.
From 2002-2015, he is responsible for the weekly appointments of the “Los Jueves del Tango” and “A todo Tango” radio programs on the ControRadio radio station in Florence. The program traces all the stages of the history of this music, its characters and its legends.
In 2012 he was nominated President of the Lega Danza Uisp (Italian Union for Sport for All, National Sports Promotion Body) of Florence, a task that he held up to current events.
He is also the Artistic Director of the Annual Dance Awards Uisp, an exhibition that brings together about forty schools of dance in the Province of Florence and neighboring, with a turnout of more than 300 dancers.
From 2013-2016, he began his collaboration as a Guest Teacher with the Academia di Tango Argentino di Venezia, directed by Alejandro Aquino, taking weekly courses and workshops.
From 2013 to date he collaborates with the Tango Argentino Association Belluno, (BL), called to hold a monthly Residential Master and Workshops.
In September 2013, she was nominated by Prof. Alkis Raftis member of the International Dance Council (CID), the official organization of dance in the world, recognized by UNESCO, by national and international governments and institutions, founded in 1973 and established in Paris.

In November 2018, he was appointed Headmaster of the 
Tango Academy Palazzo Ulivieri-Montevarchi, dealing
with the teaching and artistic direction of his permanent
staff and well-known Argentine professionals.