Courses at Buenos Aires Tango
with Graciela Rostom
NEW Location School, Via Cristoforo Landino 7, Firenze

Open lessons all Levels in dates:
26th, 27th and 28th March to celebrate !
26.03. Absolute Beginners 09.00pm and  Intermediate 10.00pm
27.03. Beginners 08.00pm from  6 month till 1 year dance
28.03. Advanced

COURSES 2019 please check Time Table on Courses
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday all levels
Thursday alternate every fifteen days:
8.15pm Woman’s Technique – 9.15pm Men’s Technique
8.30pm Tango Canyengue

The Practice
Every Friday 10.00pm-11.30pm at School
Every Sunday 8.00pm-9.00pm at the Milonga

office hours:
monday-friday from 06.30pm to 09.30pm
tel. 055.3841305 – 339.8286580