Buenos Aires Tango

Buenos Aires Tango was born in Florence in 1998, from an educational project by Argentine choreographer and dancer Graciela Rostom. We are affiliated to Uisp, registered with Coni, we collaborate with public and private bodies both in the territory and in Argentina.

Buenos Aires Tango, aims to promulgate the culture of Tango in all its forms: dance, music and literature, through courses, workshops, seminars, concerts, exhibitions and cultural meetings.


BuenosAiresTango CLUBVia Vittorio Emanuele 135, Florence. Sala Teatro Circolo il Progresso Every Sunday nigth Milonga.... We are closed for quarantena COVID-19 #welovetango #westayathome #let'sstopitalltogether #stopcovid19 Follow us on our media's to stay informed...

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COURSES at Buenos Aires Tango with Graciela Rostom Via Cristoforo Landino 7, Firenze Courses are in presence and ON LINE Those interested in ON LINE courses please contact corsi@buenosairestango.itor 339.8286580 ** COURSES SITE: Buenos Aires Tango, Via C. Landino 7-...

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Special Lessons! * MONDAY'S  at the Buenos Aires TangoThematic Lessons  with Julio Altez & Graciela RostomDATES: 9, 16 & 23 March  will be recovered on the dates and method we will communicated * Feminine and Male Technique lessons with Graciela RostomFEMALE...

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