BuenosAiresTango CLUB
Via Vittorio Emanuele 135, Florence.
Sala Teatro Circolo il Progresso

Every Sunday nigth Milonga….

 We are closed for quarantena COVID-19

#welovetango #westayathome #let’sstopitalltogether #stopcovid19

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Lessons on line – conferences on line – Students & Tdj interventions on line –

How to get there: T1. Leonardo from the SMN station, get off LEOPOLDO, take Via G. Fabbroni, at the second roundabout turn left on Via G. Pagnini straight ahead until Via Vittorio Emanuele, turn right up to the number 135, you have arrived! Total route 600 meters, time: 8 ‘

info & reservations
055.3841305 – 339.8286580